Founded in 2003, Bell Contracting is a Native American, Small Disadvantaged, Women owned business.

Since our inception BCI has prided itself on providing quality services to the DoD and other federal government agencies throughout the Midwest.

Bell Contracting is made up of a highly skilled team that specializes in complex, demanding projects that require a higher level of expertise. By always hiring the best in the industry we are committed to providing an on time, quality, cost effective and safe project for our customers.


4101 White Tiger Lane
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: 573-814-3007
Fax: 573-814-3015

Oklahoma Office:

2905 Harr Dr,
Suite 104
Midwest City, OK 73110
Phone: 405-732-9900
Fax: 405-732-9904

CPARS Contractor Evaluations

"Contractor was very responsive and proactive"

"A very experienced and knowledgeable contractor"

"Project management and their quality control was outstanding"

"Contractor was very familiar with DOD contract administration"

"Subcontractors were superbly managed"


We take a proactive approach to project management

Cooperation, Honesty, Safety, Strong Work Ethic and Teamwork