Think Safety - Work Safely!

Bell Contracting provides the resources, innovative solutions and emphasis on safety and quality control that produce high-quality results. At BCI we are particularly proud of our excellent safety record.


Upon award of a project the assigned SSHO develops a plan specific to the needs of the project. The tailored safety plan will include administrative requirements, training and planning. Each BCI employee is provided with our Safety Policy and attends the initial safety meeting and subsequent weekly meetings held on site during the length of the project.


Training of our employees and subcontractors is conducted throughout the project. Any potential hazards that could occur during the project are addressed and a system created to address them if they occur. Regular inspections are made to ensure that the policy and procedures are followed by everyone on the project. All subcontractors and suppliers are required to adhere to BCI's Health and Safety Plan.

Cooperation, Honesty, Safety, Strong Work Ethic and Teamwork