At Bell Contracting we believe that the contracting officer and customer have the right to receive from a contractor more than just a quality product thats on time and at a fair price. In the Bell Contracting environment there are also other elements we are delivering that are paramount and many times even more important. These additional elements are cooperation, honesty, safety, a strong work ethic and a team effort attitude. We feel that our in-house ability to perform and manage our projects allow us to deliver a project with these high standards.

Construction Management

Bell Contracting has a proactive approach to managing a project. This approach begins with a thorough examination of contract documents, project plans and existing site conditions. This examination allows us to anticipate and identify potential problem areas many days before the project begins. We develop a contingency plan for at least two and many times three alternate approaches in order to deal with a potential problem, should it actually materialize. This approach reduces what some contractors may view as a work-stopping problem to merely another day of normal production for BCI.

Projects are controlled by one "key" that key is management. No program is ever better than the level of management that directs it. Controlling a project is a direct responsibility of our upper management. When the project is thoroughly understood and planned, when men and equipment are planned for, when materials and subcontractors have been scheduled, then the project is automatically controlled.

General Contracting

From inception to completion Bell Contracting builds and maintains communication with its customers and users to ensure all aspects of the project are being performed to reach our team goal. BCI knows that adhering to the project schedule is one of the most important administrative tasks. Our management team has never completed a project behind schedule. Because of our reputation of building a safe, high quality, on time and on budget project we have customers that continually request Bell contracting for their project needs. Forecasting, controlling costs, time control, excellent safety record and problem solving are all skills that make BCI a desirable contractor.

Cooperation, Honesty, Safety, Strong Work Ethic and Teamwork